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HKDTC International ICT Expo-The largest Electronics Exhibiton in Asia Will Be Unveiled in Hongkong


The annual Hongkong spring Electronics Exhibition and International Information Technology Expo will be held from 13 to 16 April in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center. Entering the fifteenth session this year,the two exhibitions are all hosted by the Hongkong Trade Development Agency (TDC)  and there are about 3500 exhibitors to display the latest electronic products, information and communications technology to Global trade buyers. The two exhibition attracted more than 94000 buyers from 138 countries and regions to visit and purchase.

HKDTC International ICT Expo-- The largest Electronics Exhibition in Asia Will Be Unveiled in Hongkong in 2018

HKDTC International ICT Expo-- The largest Electronics Exhibition in Asia Will Be Unveiled in Hongkong in 2018

The electronics industry is the largest product export and earning foreign trade industry in Hongkong. In 2017, its exports amounted to 329 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 9%. As an important electronic trade hub in Asia, Hongkong is an ideal place for international trade exhibitions, providing a platform for exchange and negotiation for the industry, and previewing the latest trends in the technology industry.

Zhou Qiliang, vice president of the Trade Development Bureau, said, "the trade development board held the spring and autumn electronic products exhibition in April and October, respectively, in line with the purchasing cycle of global buyers. The Hongkong spring electronics show is the largest spring trade exhibition in Asia. This year, there will be more than 2900 exhibitors, and the International Information Technology Expo will bring about 600 exhibitors and create more business opportunities in the cross industry. "

“Startups" area shows innovative technology

For the first time in 2017, the conference brought the "Startup" area for the first time in two exhibitions, which was well reacted and returned this year to show different kinds of innovative technologies, including App, IoT, consumer electronics, electronic health, robot technology and e-commerce.

One of the Hongkong start-ups will show the wearable electronic socks Peacify for babies, which can help monitor the blood oxygen level, heart rate and body temperature of the baby. The data collected will be transferred to the parent's smartphone and make the time notice when detecting abnormal conditions.

A start-up company from mainland China will launch an intelligent robot Gomer. The soft manipulator can pick up objects of different shapes. Gomer built in artificial intelligence program, which can identify the user's facial emotion and use it as a family monitoring system to provide video and two-way audio function.

At the same time, we will cooperate with a series of thematic activities on the spot to provide a platform for start-ups to show the concept of technology. Activities include project proposals, allowing them to introduce products and technical solutions to potential investors, buyers, and media; mentors help start-ups to identify potential partners; access to more buyers' start-ups; and a number of sharing meetings taught by entrepreneurs and angel investors. Create enterprises to point out the way to start a business.

Spring electricity Exhibition "science and Technology Museum" tip technology

Last year, the Tech Hall, which was first set up at the spring electricity exhibition, will be on the field again. The four largest exhibition areas include "networking home", "robot and unmanned technology", "virtual reality" and "wearable electronic products" to facilitate the purchase of high-tech electronic products by buyers.

The "network home" exhibition will display automated home smart products with IoT applications, such as home smart combination of remote control through mobile phones and tablet applications. The robot and unmanned technology exhibition area will showcase many new type of unmanned aerial vehicle, electric scooter, industrial and household robot. The "virtual reality" area displays a variety of VR glasses, VR products and related technologies. The "wearable electronic product" exhibition will bring a wide range of related products such as smart watches, telephone message notifications and monitoring of healthy smart rings.

The "brand Gallery" is one of the focus of spring electric show. It has more than 570 international famous electronic brands, including Bourgini, Desay, Greatwall, HKC, Latitude, Roadrover, SKROSS and Polaroid.

On the first three days of the exhibition (13 to 15 April), the conference will hold a series of "2018 technology forward looking Symposium". Please come to the electronic industry representatives to discuss the application of robot technology, smart home and life, wearable devices, and VR, AR and MR.

The theme of International Information Technology Expo: smart city

The International Information Technology Expo and spring electricity exhibition are held simultaneously to gather information, communications, scientific and technological products and solutions to help enterprises improve their operational efficiency and maintain competitiveness. This year's Expo will focus on "smart cities: leading the future new direction", adding the "smart city" area, focusing on relevant solutions and technologies, and showing the blueprint of the smart city in Hongkong, and introducing the development of intelligent cities for the next five years. The exhibitors include the research and development center of Hongkong logistics and Supply Chain Management Applied Technology (LSCM R & D center), the center for automotive parts research and development (APAS R & D center) and the Hongkong Institute of Applied Science and Technology (CAS).

The LSCM R & D center will show the "walking robot" and the team driving technology in the Expo. The robot can carry heavy or large items. As long as the worker wears a specially designed engineering vest, the robot will follow the workers automatically. Because robots are equipped with various inductors, they will automatically avoid obstacles when they encounter obstacles, so as to ensure workers' safety. In addition, the R & D center has also developed a team driving technology, which not only enables multiple robots to advance, but also can control the robot team, effectively improve transport efficiency and shorten the time of return.

APAS R & D center will show the portable electric vehicle charging system Portable Charger Kit (PCK), through wireless authentication and special power socket. Electric vehicle drivers only need to plug the portable charger into the special power socket, and the system will charge the electric vehicle at medium speed. Compared with the traditional large wall mounted charging facilities, the PCK system is smaller, and the cost of installing the PCK system in the parking lot is also low, and the installation procedures and maintenance are also more convenient.

The Academy of Sciences displays the innovative smart column, supporting narrow-band Internet of things technology for smart city applications. The intelligent column is equipped with an interactive display system, which can assist in the networking of vehicles, so as to enhance road safety and modern traffic management. It can also be used as a hotspot of wireless network, and it is an ideal infrastructure for 5G network and other high-speed communication technologies.

The exhibition site continues to have "SME IT consultation service", and a number of information technology experts will provide free professional consultation services for small and medium-sized enterprises at the scene to help them select the appropriate information technology system and solutions.

The Expo will organize seminar

s and sharing meetings on a daily basis, including "cash free and safe cities", "digital", "Smart Life" and "digital marketing and smart retail", focusing on related issues.

Optimizing buyer's purchasing experience

In November last year, the Trade Development Agency (TDC) first launched an electronic admission certificate (e-Badge) in the spectacle exhibition, which will be carried out in most of this year's trade show, including the spring show and International Information Technology Expo.

In order to meet the buyer's "small size" procurement model, the exhibition will continue to set up the "small volume procurement" area of the trade hair network, to promote the minimum purchase amount from 5 to 1000 products, and the online trading platform (http://smallorders.hktdc.com), to facilitate suppliers and global buyers to complete the transaction directly on the Internet.

Hongkong TDC Hongkong spring Electronics Exhibition: hkelectronicsfairse.hktdc.com

Hongkong TDC International Information Technology Expo: ictexpo.hktdc.com

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