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Kynix Semiconductor Limited was founded in 2008, is a professional electronic components distributor. Since company was founded, its inception uphold "best product, best reputation, best effiency, best service, reasonable price" business philosophy, based on professional quality and consitent professionalism, we got the trust and support of the majority of suppliers and customers, and rapidly rising in the fierce market competition.

What we do:

A variety of channels of electronic components supply is our superiority, electronic components like integrated circuit (IC),resistors, capacitors, diode,transistor, LEDs, connectors, and etc. is our main business. For the best service and your most conveniently purchase, we also offer the accurate quotation,excellent credit,reasonable price,reliable quality,fast delivery,authentic service and so so.To be your reliable and convenient purchasing partner is our goal. To be the world-class electronic component distribution partner is our purpose.

Our advantage:

  • Professional Workshop

Kynix's biggest asset is to own a rich experience workshop with powerful combat capacity and loyalty. According to the requirement of brand business, we are dedicated to the strategy of one to one task force to assist customers in various application areas and shorten the time to market, in addition, we also establish the R & D team to cooperate with customer development and to provide solutions.

kynix workshop

  • Rigorous Management System

Trade management is not a high profit industry, the internal process control is getting more important, Kynix not only has set up the operation management center as a task force to help improve in all stages, but also supplemented with Oracle ERP system to flexibly customize program design, effectively reduce the internal consumption, and significantly enhance the operating performance.

kynix has rigorous management system

About inquiry:

The search page list of kynix (kynix.com), the same products in different quantity have different prices. If the quantity you buy reach the condition for inquiring pricces, users can ask kynix for a bulk inquiries according to the quantity,expected time of delivery,expected priced and etc. ,so as to achiever a more satisfactory advantage price. The staff will give you a satisfactory price feedback within one to two working days.