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The 6th World Internet Conference is Coming Soon with New Highlights

The 6th World Internet Conference will be held in Wuzhen of China from October 20th to 22nd. This conference is held on the theme of "Smart Connect, Openness and Cooperation - Join Hands to Build a Cyberspace Community of Common Destiny", which provides a platform for all sides to exchange their thoughts, build consensus, and work together to build a cyberspace community of common destiny. More than 1,500 key guests from governments, international organizations, leading companies, technical communities and social groups will be invited to attend the conference.

6th World Internet Conference kicks off in Wuzhen, China

People has witness different kind of wonderful performances in World Internet Conference every year since the first conference in 2014. on October 11, at the press conference of the 6th World Internet Conference, Zhu Zhonglie, Secretary General of the Secretariat of the leading group of the World Internet Conference, introduced the new highlights of this conference。

New Venues Bring New Experience

This year, the Light of the Internet Expo opened a new exhibition hall-the Light of the Internet Expo Center. The new exhibition hall takes black and white as its main color. The roof consists of nearly 850,000 pieces of blue tiles, which echoes and is integrated with the traditional architectural style of the watery setting in Wuzhen. Viewed from the air, the entire pavilion is composed of five continuous arcs in the shape of a silkworm that moves forward with head up, suggesting that the new technology and the new application will flourish form here as the worm will transform into a butterfly. The new pavilion adopts the design of “one arch with one chain”with no pillar inside it, maximizing the utilization of the pavilion. It covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters, providing the Internet companies a spacious space for multi-dimensional display. Besides, the new exhibition hall is a highly-intelligent venue through for the use of digital control and various intelligent technologies such as face recognition.

Light of the Internet Expo Center

Light of the Internet Expo Center

Light of the Internet Expo Center

New Framework Expands New Room

The conference this year set up a "direct-through Wuzhen" global Internet competition, forming a new "1+3" structure of the conference with the the sub-forum of the conference plus the conference and expo of leading scientific and technological achievements. A final and award ceremony will be held during the conference, and a number of Internet innovation projects will be displayed. In addition to the opening ceremony and the main forum, the conference will also set up 4 major sections and 20 sub-forums, which will be organized by the international organizations like UN, the International Telecommunication Union, the World Health Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, UN-HABITAT, UNICEF, and China's National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the People's Bank of China, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. The forums are more professional with diverse content, and rich achievements. Each sub-forum is meeting of the minds, with many leaders and masters  involved.

New Changes Show New Highlights

At this Internet conference, the Light of the Internet Expo will be opened two days in advance on October 18, and the exhibition period will be extended for five days. Many high-tech Internet products and new applications will make their debut at the Expo and will gradually enter into the common peoples homes. At the same time, the conference of the world leading scientific and technological achievements provides guidance for the innovation of sustained and rapid development of global Internet. A large wave of cutting-edge technologies that deeply affecting and even changing the direction of the Internet development is approaching. in addition, special events like “Wuzhen Masters' Assembly" create a platform for mutual communication for Internet companies.

New Ideas Enhance Quality

This World Internet Conference took the previous conferences as the benchmark, perfected and optimized various work plans, and formed a overall work plan system of “1+8+X” with full coverage and full process. More than 60 intelligent projects such as long-distance unmanned vehicles and millimeter-wave devices for security check will be unveiled, and Wuzhen has taken the lead in achieving full coverage of 5G commercial applications. The volunteer "Little Chinese Parasol" will provide professional, efficient, thoughtful and enthusiastic volunteer services to the guests at the conference. At the same time, the International Convention and Exhibition Center will also set up public areas for media public service, interviews and tea breaks.

Volunteers of Little Chinese Parasol

Volunteers of Little Chinese Parasol

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