A New Round of "Integration" and "Expansion" in IC Market


The world's top five chip manufacturers accounted for the total market share of semiconductor sales in 2017, taking up 43% of the overall market; the trend of the market since ten years ago, concentrated in the minority industry is becoming more and more obvious...

A new round of "integration" and "expansion" in the IC Market

A New Round of "Integration" and "Expansion" in IC Market

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In view of the recent surge in the semiconductor industry, the trend of the market to concentrate on the hands of the minorities seems not to be so surprising.

According to the latest report by IC Insights, a market research agency, the total market share of the top five top semiconductor suppliers in the world total, accounting for about 43% of the overall market in 2017; the number increased by 10% compared with ten years ago. The agency pointed out that last year, the top five suppliers of chips in the world (excluding wafers) were Samsung, Intel, SK Hynix, Micron and Broadcom.

Most of the top five semiconductor suppliers are in memory, and the impressive performance in the memory area of the 2017 is "contributing" to the trend of the market in the hands of a smaller number of people. Samsung, Hynix and micron grew more than 50% in 2017, mainly because DRAM and NAND flash market grew by 77% and 47% respectively.

The upsurge in the memory market will end, and most market observers expect the growth of the market to slow down this year; but IC Insights believes that the continued burning of the IC industry is going to lift the market share of leading chip makers to a higher level.

A new round of "integration" and "expansion" in the IC Market

A New Round of "Integration" and "Expansion" in IC Market

The trend of the big chip market and the large-scale integration are actually the product of the same thing: the difference between the "rich" and the "poor" in the semiconductor industry.

Rob Lineback, a senior analyst at IC Insights, said in an interview with EE Times that the increase in the proportion of large chip suppliers is because "big companies usually have deeper pockets and financial resources, and can continue to expand the market and grow when technical costs are higher, and it may be difficult for small and medium chipmakers to compete for a long time." The realm of survival. "

According to Lineback, the IC market is concentrated in the hands of a small number of manufacturers, a reversal of the industrial ecology that began to flourish in 1980s - the rise of the mode of cooperation between wafer - free manufacturers and the wafer - generation industry, increasing the number of small and medium chip design companies, and now in the case of the 1970s IC industry. At the early stage of the exhibition, the top five to ten chips in the world also occupied most of the market. Those operators were large vertical integration electronics manufacturers.

"We believe that there are more chips in the market after the mid - 1980s, because of the success of the fabless movement, and about twenty years later, we began to see the larger and market expansion of the larger chips, because the cost of competition in many fields has become higher." And the prosperity of M & A activities in ten years.